Roadside Assistance Needed Within Kitsap County

Words of Wisdom

When you need a tow or any other type of roadside assistance, the first instinct is to call the 1-800 number provided by the company. Why not, since it is an optional coverage that you pay for?

  1. Insurance companies offer this through a third party on a national scale.
  2. These third parties often times will try and connect a towing company from Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and beyond to a person stranded in Kitsap County.
  3. This can (and does) cause the insured undue stress, anxiety, and frustration.

So, why bother carrying Roadside Assistance and what can be done to prevent such a problem?

  1. By carrying Roadside Assistance, you will be reimbursed (up to the policy limit) by the company for the payment you make directly to the towing company.
  2. By calling Kitsap Towing directly, rather than the 1-800 towing number provided by the insurance company, you will have a timely and efficient response and tow service.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. You need roadside assistance in Kitsap County due to a break-down, flat tire, lockout, dead battery, fuel delivery, etc.
  2. Call Kitsap Towing at 360-297-8600 (24 hour dispatch)
  3. Kitsap Towing will take in information such as your name and contact info, the location to tow from, the location to tow to, and your vehicle information.
  4. You will pay Kitsap Towing for their services.
  5.  You will forward the paid receipt from Kitsap Towing to or
  6. We will forward the receipt to the company for reimbursement.
  7. You will be reimbursed up to the policy limit.

For Roadside Assistance outside of Kitsap County, calling the 1-800 number provided by the company is recommended.


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